Traditional Art

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Japanese painting (2013)

I had the chance to participate in a Nihonga workshop  (Japanese traditional painting). This is the product of the workshop!

Myriam DUFRIER light dust

Black and white and ballpen (black pen, charcoal, pencils)

The Art of Boredom series
(blue ballpen on a A4 paper) 2014

The art of boredom. Made on a A4 paper with a ballben. Modified colors a bit on Photoshop.

Black Ballpen on paper (2015)


Kafka’s Metamorphosis ( 50 x 65 cm) 2013

An illustration of the beginning of "The metamorphosis" book (Kafka).All is made with a black pen, a white pen and a black marker. 50x55 cm.

Hand studies 2013

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