Here are some of my musical creations.Mush music

As I have some tools to record now, I’ll make some more songs and I’ll put it there :3


A song I created with a friend.
I’m the one singing (Myriam DUFRIER)
I invented the vocals.

Marc Tranchant made the instrumental part and wrote the lyrics.

I did a collaboration with my friend Hector Bonte for a song in his game project Kundalini. I played the violin part in the song.

A small impro I did with my Friend Hector Bonte.

A violin song I composed long a ago (the first version was a vocal improvisation, then I made a violin version). When I have the time, I’ll re-make the song and make it way better, because I think it’s worth it.

Musics I made during an intensive week for the game “Sky skimmers”

Two songs I created for the game “Hungry gods”, made during a game jam. For more informations about the game jam,

Five songs I made for a game for school. I had to make music that match the different worlds. I didn’t have much time to do it.

All rights reserved (c) Myriam Dufrier