Here are my digital 3D creations. I mainly use Maya, 3Dsmax and Zbrush. I learnt the basics of Mudbox. Retopology is usually done with Topogun or Maya and the texturing is usually made using Photoshop.

General Owltimate

More screens on my artstation page > https://www.artstation.com/artwork/38arY

Afterward Environment and character Art

Graduation project, Jury’s favorite.

I was part of a team of 7 students, responsible for the 3D art of the game (Characters, Environment props, textures…). I also helped out on other fields such as shaders and lighting).
I also made all of the animations of the characters (except for the main character’s attack combo and death animation). I was the lead game artist and took part in management tasks as well.
See some more screens / sketchfab models on my Artstation
Environment > https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0LwoK
Character Art > https://www.artstation.com/artwork/V3z8R

Want to play the game? Click Here

Cowboy Character

Commission for a mobile game.
If the 3D models aren’t showing, please follow the link here

Original Skin

Lumberjack Skin

Pirate Skin

Storm (Xmen)  2015

Polycount Thread

Storm Renders

 Knight bust

Marmoset Render
UE4 renderLow_Po_Tex_UE4
Myriam_D_High PolyMyriam_D_Low Poly_Wireframe


A racing game map created in Unreal Engine 4. We worked on this project in a team of three students, Romane Govin and Heloise Lozano and I.

Science fiction Tileable corridor

UE4 ProjectDUFRIER_Myriam_Render_2plaque models

Easter lulu

I took part in the “Polycount Riot Art contest” (2014).
Here is my thread, it shows all my steps in making the character.


Softwares used : Zbrush, Topogun for the retopology, 3Dsmax, Photoshop.

 Peacock the proud

Softwares : 3Dsmax, Topogun, Photoshop.
7700 triangles (5300 without the hair).
Animation Skeletton in progress
peacock final viewsOriginal concept


red render 1



A scene I created in Unity.

You can explore it by clicking the link below (WASD to move and Space bar to jump). There is some ambient sound.


Limelight characters (Game Project)


My work on Circuit wars:

Assets for a mobile serious game.
reactor hall

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