Game Projects


Graduation project, Jury’s favorite.

I was part of a team of 7 students, responsible for the 3D art of the game (Characters, Environment props, textures…). I also helped out on other fields such as shaders and lighting).
I also made all of the animations of the characters (except for the main character’s attack combo and death animation). I was the lead game artist and took part in management tasks as well.
See some more screens / sketchfab models on my Artstation
Environment >
Character Art >

Want to play the game? Click Here

Worship : Sailing Spirits

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A mobile game project that I’m currently developping with 5 of my friends during my free time.  Doing tasks such as modeling, texturing and animating assets in 3dsMax for Unity, optimizing them for mobile platforms.


Worship is a tower defense mobile game, set in a Native American-inspired setting mixed with a pirate theme. It is a Unity 4.6 project.

We are taking part in the Hits Playtime contest. More info and a website to come very soon, stay tuned !

Space Investigators

A collection of 3 short games made in 5 days in a team of 7 people.
you can play it here.

First game : Build your spaceship to make it go as high as possible.

Second Game : Drag the planets to use their gravity to direct your ship to the planet with the flag.
Third Game : It’s a kind of “Mastermind” game.  Find the right combination through trial and error.


Limelight is the project I worked on for the 2014 Imagine cup contest!
It is a multiplayer arena action game. Here is the presentation video we submitted for the french competition. I made the video and most of the art in it (except for the user interface).

Circuit Warz

Room 6 backCircuit Warz is a first person shooter game in which the player embodies an engineer. The  player has to repair electronic circuits by putting the good components at the place they have to be (or change their value), and defeat (or avoid) enemies blocking his path before the time is out.reactor hall view from bottom

The game is in 3D, made with Unity engine for touch-screen platforms.
=> Please Click here to see my internship report.
My internship report shows everything I made during the time of my internship, how I proceed, my reflexion around the creation of the game.

Wind Up!

windupwindup tuto

A mobile game made in 5 days in a team of 5 people. Web build & apk available soon.

King of the seas (Umi no ō 海の王)main title

King of the seas is a game concept my team did when I was in Japan during an exchange program with the School Trident (Nagoya).

My team won first place in the IGCC! (International Game concept challenge)

We were a team of 6 students, the team was composed of me (french student), 3 students from Trident (Japanese students at Trident) and 2 students from NYP (Singapore).


I was the only artist in the team.

This was a difficult challenge because of our different languages. I had some basic knowledge in Japanese, and we managed to understand each other using translation websites when we didn’t know how to explain in each other’s mother tongue.

Inheritance :

A video game I used to work on with 6 students of SUPINFOGAME. It is part of the “Hits Playtime” contest.
Unfortunately, we couldn’t finish it.  But here is the link to the blog!

Cyber_Maze (2011-2012)

A board game I made for school. We were 4 to work on the project

It’s a reflection assymetric game in which 3 admins have to prevent a hacker from hacking their system. To hack the system, the hacker has to validate some checkpoints without being caught. To catch the hacker, one admin has to be on the same slot than him.